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Sepulchral Chapel of the Grand Duchy in Karlsruhe, Germany

How a UNESCO World Heritage Site is being preserved for posterity


Structural challenge high above Hamburg’s rooftops

Bridge refurbishment made in Scotland


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Saving a part of Hungarian history


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A forest visitor centre


Tradition meets modern – Old Trafford and Layher Allround Scaffolding


Church services continued thanks to a creative scaffolding solution


The perfect set-up for appraisal


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Ireland – strong beer and best milk


An impressive construction site for an impressive development


The perfect solution for a lakeside project


Flexible structural protection with a temporary Cassette Roof solution


A job for genuine scaffolding pioneers in Wiesbaden-Naurod


Safety, flexibility and efficiency are what count on the building site


No escape for noise, dust and dirt


Full-blooded musicians and event specialists demonstrate their talents 2,500 m above sea level in Ischgl


Assembling industrial scaffolding in extreme conditions