According to legend those are the words spoken by Tsar Peter the Great in 1703 when the foundation stone for the Peter and Paul Fortress was laid on Hare’s Island in the Neva river delta. It wasn’t until later that the fortress named after Peter the Great’s patron saint, the apostle Simon Peter, became a ‘window to the West’. In 1712 St. Petersburg displaced Moscow as the seat of government. By 1725 it was a prospering city with a population of 70,000. Peter the Great brought in famous European architects, engineers and craftsmen, including many Germans, to transform the city into a European technology and science centre. They created an architectural paradise on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea that rightly deserved to be called the ‘Venice of the North’.

The Lakhta Center, right on the water’s edge, follows these architectural traditions by adding another stunning building to the outskirts of a city that also went by the name of Petrograd and Leningrad at certain times during its history. The Lakhta Center is a multifunctional complex housing the new Gazprom headquarters and many public spaces such as museums, sports facilities and a health centre. The complex incorporates a 462 m tower which is currently Europe’s tallest building. General contractor Renaissance Construction has used the modular Layher Allround Scaffolding during the entire construction project. The scaffolding’s excellent efficiency and reliability has made an important contribution to the completion of this record-holding building.

Details make the difference
“We convinced the client of the many advantages of Layher Allround Scaffolding, our expertise in large-scale projects and the professionalism of our local service teams,” said Evgeny Baryshev, Managing Director of Layher Russia. The system’s low weight and precision fit enables fast and reliable assembly and dismantling, even under extreme circumstances, such as the construction of the tower spire in the middle of winter. A low fire load also makes the scaffolding ideal for work involving sparks.

Gigantic in every respect
“We assembled 700 t of scaffold material from the concrete base to the tower top with Layher’s assistance. During the entire project a total of around 1.5 million cubic meters of scaffolding was created as a result of the continuous assembly and 

dismantling of individual elements,” commented Faruk Gokce Basaran, who works for the general contractor Renaissance Construction. Layher’s on-site professionals and, at times, up to 300 scaffolders demonstrated the advantages of cleverly designed Layher Allround Scaffolding to the construction project team. “Even in extreme weather conditions with wind loads of up to 150 km/h at a height of 400 m and icy temperatures the scaffolding system excelled,” added Layher representative Evgeny Baryshev. The system’s high flexibility and low weight additionally simplified the process of adapting the scaffold to the building geometry without impairing safety.

Trust is the key
The project partnership with Russian construction company Renaissance Construction, which was established in St. Petersburg in 1993, was such a positive experience for everyone involved that the next joint large-scale projects are already in the pipeline. “The Russian Layher representatives have been supporting us in this construction project for almost five years and, during this time, they have managed to build a lot of trust for the Layher brand in the Russian market,” said Faruk Gokce Basaran, a representative of the successful construction company. Layher Managing Director Evgeny Baryshev added: “A trust-based partnership with our clients is essential for us. It’s the only way to demonstrate that we’re the right partner for large-scale projects spanning several years. In conjunction with the quality and the tried-and-tested details of the Layher Allround Scaffolding, these are the pillars of our ‘more possibilities’ pledge – and the cornerstone of our future success.”





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