80 m² footprint and a safe working platform at a height of almost 40 metres for refurbishing the ceiling and the hot face of a boiler in a paper mill – these were the basic facts. No problem for experienced scaffolders and Layher Allround Scaffolding. However, the fact that the only possibility for men and materials to find their way inside was through manholes with a diameter of just 50 centimetres required detailed planning in the run-up to the project.

Thanks to professional planning software and materials logistics planned right down to the very last component, the scaffolding was able to be erected extremely efficiently. The challenge was to ensure that the right parts were available inside the boiler at the right time so that the scaffolders could work economically and meet the tight deadlines. The Allround Scaffolding materials had to be handed in through the narrow openings – standard for standard, ledger for ledger, deck for deck. This was not the only reason why the components of the Allround Scaffolding Lightweight used – which weigh so much less compared with other products – were so beneficial: they also ensured that the safe Layher stairtowers could be erected far more efficiently than would otherwise have been the case. Even the particularly confined spaces at the top end of the silo were able to be scaffolded safely and fast using standard components and a small number of accessories. Layher’s customers quickly come to realise that even difficult layouts can be scaffolded without any problem using the Layher Allround Scaffolding.

Fast, safer and economical – Layher’s system solutions
Whenever large industrial facilities anywhere in the world are first built or have to undergo maintenance work, the issue of safety nowadays plays an increasingly important role alongside efficiency. With Layher’s Integrated System, this supposed balancing act can be solved without any problem, benefitting both the scaffolders 

and the industrial enterprise day in, day out. Being able to generate secure jobs at unusual, normally inaccessible or difficult-to-access locations, such as in this example, is just one of the many challenges. Layher’s highly versatile Allround Scaffolding and the many application-oriented accessories available for use with it mean users from all industries can find simple, safer and cost-effective solutions even for difficult situations. The fact that all Layher materials are issued by default with all necessary certificates and permits further simplifies their use.

It’s the system that’s the key difference
Ever since the company was founded, the specialists at Layher have continued to develop their scaffolding solutions based on lots of in-depth practical experience. Countless projects for all sorts of industries, with greatly differing requirements and all over the globe are the foundation on which these experts develop application-oriented accessories and solutions that make Layher scaffolding even more efficient and even safer. This integrated approach enables users to plan and erect appropriate solutions for all needs with the aid of a very small range of components. That all new components are 100% interchangeable with previous generations thanks to standardised system dimensions and relevant permits is a matter of course for Layher – and it guarantees customers maximum value and security of investment.





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