In terms of fatalities per number of miles travelled, flying is the safest means of transportation in the world. Statistically speaking, a person can travel for 14,000 years in an airplane without being involved in an accident. One reason for that is safety being the number one priority in scheduled air services. Another is the strict requirements of aircraft maintenance and repair that the airlines have to comply with. When Russian A-Technics – a company in the Aeroflot Group that performs aircraft maintenance and repairs – was looking for a scaffolding system to build a universal, modular and flexible work platform, its most important requirements were safety, efficiency and minimum aircraft downtime.

Russian maintenance specialist A-Technics was looking for a highly flexible system for the maintenance, repair and painting of large Boeing and Airbus aircraft that would enable it to quickly, efficiently and safely reach all areas of the plane and to perform extensive C checks. The Layher office in Russia managed to persuade the customer of the many possibilities and advantages offered by the Layher Allround Scaffolding and secure the contract with professional references in this area of application. The system has a comprehensive range of standard components, various consoles, and the Layher Allround connector which make it possible to flange-mount parts in up to eight different configurations and at various angles. This makes the fast and flexible adaptation to the structural shape of whatever type of aircraft the A-Technics team is working on possible. 

All-round precision and safety
“A-Technics had a very clear idea of what the solution had to be capable of and our system easily satisfied those requirements,” commented Boris Lazarev Head of Engineering Department from Layher’s Russian subsidiary. “With the Layher Allround Scaffolding any part of the aircraft can be quickly and safely accessed – whether the engineers are working on the fuselage, under the wings or on the gigantic rudder assemblies. Our system also satisfies the customer’s need for quick access to all aircraft apertures during the entire stay in the workshop.” Special heavy-duty rollers are used so that just six people can very simply and precisely move the up to 5.5 t structure to the required location. An adapted standard height of 0.25 m made it possible to construct work platforms with a gradual incline (e.g. under the wings) so that no special stair elements were needed. Stairtowers were also constructed for safe access to the very high work platforms at the rudder assemblies. Brightly coloured padding was specially developed for the work platforms to prevent any damage to the aircraft.

We love a challenge
“When we started out in mid-April 2017 we soon realised that this wasn’t going to be straightforward project,” said the Russian Layher representative. “A tight deadline, a demanding partner and the sheer size of the aircraft meant that meticulous project team coordination and a professional approach were absolutely essential.” Once the content of the project had been clarified 3D scans were made of the aircraft types that would be worked on in the hangar. Based on those data the scaffolding specialists were able to plan the project in collaboration with the Layher technical team in Germany. After a test set-up the project was implemented inside the hangar. “We performed the build with a local scaffolding company that is a longstanding partner of ours,” said Anton Novopashin, responsible Project Manager from Layher’s Russian subsidiary. “But it was the first time we’d ever used the Allround FW System and the steel version of the Allround System. It was also our first encounter with heavy duty rollers and the padding elements.”

A worthwhile investment in time and material
“We used over 7,000 m³ of scaffolding material here in Moscow and the resulting structures can be used to access up to three aircraft fuselages, wings and rudder assemblies at the same time. I think that this project impressively demonstrates how flexible the Layher Allround Scaffolding is and how many possibilities it offers for creative applications, both in Russia and elsewhere,” concluded Novopashin.





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